Next year students

This year went by very quick. Today is Tuesday and school ends Thursday. I learned so much this year. If you really put in the effort, it will pay off. I was slacking a little at the end of the school year and it cost me a lot. You have to turn in your assignments […]

A blessing

My Sister is in  so much pain Her first child is in her belly and he won’t come out Her water breaks and we are all terrified She cries in pain and I cry with her She feels like she’s dying She pushes and pushes She’s in so much pain But in a matter of […]

My Pedals

     My Pedals My color shines bright The cool breeze hits my face I look around, I see nothing I feel lonely I see kids playing outside but they ignore my existence This wasn’t the life I wanted I didn’t want to be here anymore Only if this pain would end I look around […]

week 8 activity

Kelsa B- I want to be a pediatric nurse as well. I wrote about the same topic and we have a lot in common! Come check out my blog HayleyL2001- I totally agree. There are advantages and disadvantages of technology. I definitely don’t want people to know my information. Come check out my blog […]

Week 7 Activity 2

My digital footprint isn’t bad but I don’t like people getting in my business or privacy regardless. If I was trying to work and they needed to check my digital footprint before they hire me, I would probably get the job. I wouldn’t want my grandparents (they aren’t alive) or grandchildren to check my digital […]

My Passion

So i’m a freshman at Franklin heights. This school year is almost over and I will be heading to sophomore year. Before you know it I will be a senior, graduating. Something I always wanted to do with my life is become a pediatrician. Ever since I was little I was told what I wanted […]

Global issues ( hunger)

I decided to talk about hunger. Where my parents came from, there was a huge problem with hunger and kids and adults dying because of it. We eat food and throw our food away when we’re full but don’t realize that your “leftovers” could’ve helped someone starving out there. Close to a billion people go […]

How to comment

First off you need to find a blog that interests you and could leave a good comment on. To do this you first have to go to the home page on student blogging challenge. You must have an account in order to comment on other people’s blogs.  Then you have to go the “march 2017 […]

Black Mountain College Carnivorous Plant

” Carnivorous Plant” Leo Amino 1952 You may think i’m confusing and weird. I’m unique in my own way. I’m not a regular plant. I’m not soft and flimsy like other plants. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have personality. I have different colors inside me. Each color for every personality. But sometimes i’m not […]